Ansons – Covid 19 Update:  We are here to help You.

14th July 2021

In the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) dominated climate it pays to stay ahead.  Our IT systems and infrastructure enable ‘agile working’ and so we expect the impact on our services to be minimal.

Ansons recognises that everyone is in a continuous state of flux as we all adapt and evolve with the latest updates and guidance from both Government and Public Health England.

It is fair to say that the situation is regularly changing but one thing remains constant, Ansons is here to help you.

Ansons For You

Our Private Client, Residential Conveyancing and Family departments are all continuing to operate effectively during the current crisis.

For those of you who have instructed us to help you move house, prepare a will or a lasting power of attorney or have ongoing family matters our people are available to take your calls and deal with your matters as usual.  Whilst we would prefer remote or outside meetings we can, in essential circumstances, conduct face to face meetings and would require face masks to be worn.

For those of you who are wondering where you can go to get the legal help that you need at this time, the answer is here.  We remain open for business but in some cases we may need your help and understanding to enable us to help you.  Together we can make it happen!

  • Preparing your will and estate planning – our ‘agile working’ capability and our systems and processes allow us to take instructions remotely;
  • Moving home – yes people still want to move and are thinking ahead. We believe our service levels speak for themselves, even in the current difficult environment.  Let us take the strain off you.  Get a quote from our 24/7 conveyancing quote system available on our website;
  • Family Matters – in times like this communication is key. All of our Family lawyers have remote working capability and can be contacted directly via their usual office telephone lines and by email.

Ansons For Your Business

Many businesses will be faced with an uncertain future or at the very least will need to deal with some difficult situations.  Ansons can help with all of your business needs from:

  • Advice in relation to your obligations to your employees and other employee issues;
  • Advice on your customer and supplier contracts and what options may be open to you to help you navigate through this difficult period.

The current economic climate may present particular challenges.

  • Are you finding it harder to get paid and wondering what your options might be?
  • Are you worried about the financial position of your business, how that may impact on your director duties at this time and what steps you may you need to take to safeguard yourself?
  • Is your business struggling to make payments and do you require help with pressure from creditors?
  • Are you a Landlord whose tenant has stopped paying rent and do you want to know what your options are?

We are receiving all of these questions and more on a daily basis and helping businesses navigate their way though the current crisis as best they can.

Ansons full Health and Safety Risk Assessment can be viewed HERE.

If you would like to contact someone to discuss your personal or business needs then we’ll be pleased to hear from you.  Visit our website at or email us at to identify the right person for you to speak to.